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OurHousz. Flexible, Fractional Home Ownership

Our Housz is a concept to disrupt the traditional way we buy homes. Housing has become unaffordable for tens of millions of people and restricting for millions more.  There is a solution. It is time to bring back the peace of mind that comes from owning a home – and make it better – by removing the limits of “when and where.”  

Welcome to OurHousz.  We designed a unique way for you to have equity and have a flexible lifestyle.  We do that by delivering an affordable ownership experience within the comfort of a traditional home without the traditional costs to do it. 

Own early. Own Anywhere..


  • You own in part but live in the whole 

  • You are not a renter anymore

  • You have stability with flexibility

  • You are a connected participant in your community

  • You build equity for a new future

We intend to build a financial system that puts the interest of the consumer first and creates wealth in every class.  OurHousz is the first step.

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