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Our Services

Housz, Inc. provides all the services you will need in a property management company.  I keep the area I service small enough to get to all the properties easily.  That means managing properties in Redondo Beach, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, and along the waterfront of Belmont Shore. 

Housz, Inc provides these services to HOA Communities for One Monthly Management Fee

  • Dedicated bookkeeping - included 

  • At-the-moment updates to account balances and cash flow per director request - included 

  • Detailed monthly cash flow reports- included 

  • Monthly bank statements- included 

  • In person attendance to Directors Meetings, monthly if needed- included 

  • Weekly property inspections - included 

  • Negotiated rates for repairs from licensed vendors - included 

  • A friendly connection between the board and the homeowners - included 

  • A dedicated web page for each HOA - included 

  • A portal for homeowners to report issues, upload documents, and pay their dues - included 

  • Prompt response to escrow requests when a unit in the community is on the market - included 

  • Budget and document preparation - included 

  • Housz is a member of the California Association of Community Managers.

If you have been telling yourself that it is time to have a property manager you can reach, one that will listen to you, and one that really cares about protecting your investment. give me a call. 

Click here for all the facts about the Davis - Stirling Act.

Read the 2023 Epsten APC Community Association Law Resource Book.pdf below:

Are you a member of MECOA in Torrance?  Click here for your page...

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