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Use this page to contact us with service orders 24/7.  Just let us know so we can help!

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2235 Sepulveda Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90501


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     Get Renters Insurance

Don't have a resident AppFolio account yet?  Click here for an online account.

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Get the "AppFolio Portal" app on your phone in your app store and manage your account easily from anywhere.  

Once you have the AppFolio account set up you can pay your rent, manage your renters insurance, and request maintenance.   


Does Housz have a Tenant Portal? 

Yes, click here to sign up!

How do I get renters insurance?

Just click here and  get an easy quote

What is the process for moving in?

.After the security deposit, rent, and renters insurance has been provided we will walk through your new home with you and have a comprehensive inspection.  You'll get a copy of that right away, along with the door keys, mailbox keys, garage door openers, and HOA rules if applicable,

What forms of rent payments does Housz accept? 

A lot of our tenants pay on the portal because it is so easy.  Some set up ACH and let the rent flow automatically.  Some write checks, and some pay in cash.  We have yet to be offered Pez Dispensers.  


Who turns on the utilities?.

You are responsible for turning on the utilities.  Click here for a list of all the providers in the South Bay.  

Who do I call for emergencies?

If it is an emergency threatening life or health please dial 911.  If it is a plumbing leak or structural emergency please dial 310.808.8714

How do I report maintenance and repairs?.

During business hours and after hours you can use the online maintenance portal.  Just download the AppFolio Portal app on you phone or use the website portal.  When you use your phone you can easily include pictures with your issue.  If you email or text us we will create a maintenance report for you.  

Are pets allowed?

It all depends on the housz or building you are moving into.  The advertisement for the place you are interested will always address that.  

What do I do when iI decide to move out?  

Let us know 30 or more days ahead of the move.  Have everything moved on the day you have set.  We do not prorate so you have a full month to prepare.  We will walk through with you and give you report along with your security deposit within 21 days of your move.  If you leave the place in great condition that will be a much speedier process.   

Can Housz, Inc help me find a new housz?

Yes.  if you let us know your intentions we can be a big help.  

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