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How to Find a Great Renter. How to Land a rental.

Property owners are hoping for great renters. Renters are desperate to find a stable housz to live in. I represent property owners, and I see there are enough renters to fill all the vacancies that come up. A $2,300 rental in the South Bay will rent in about an hour. It doesn't matter which part of the South Bay it is in. Carson, Torrance, Harbor City, Wilmington. In Redondo that same price range rents in twenty minutes.

Renters are offering a year in advance on places priced $5,000 plus per month.

So what to do if you are a property owner?

  1. Set your rent price and hold tight.

  2. Renters like refreshing places, so be sure the paint is fresh and everything works.

  3. Renters like easy maintenance. So be sure the flooring and counters are easy to clean.

  4. Renters like storage options. So be sure to have a creative place they can store stuff.

  5. Prospective renters liked to be called back. I call them back.

And what to do if you are a renter?

  1. Be ready to apply right away. Have three months of bank statements, your paycheck stubs, a list of the houszes you have lived in with contact information for the previous rental managers.

  2. Put all the information the first application that you fill out in a file on your desktop in PDF format and have it ready to send out the next time.

  3. I get people who want to see the apartment in "two weeks" on a Tuesday. Unfortunately that apartment they want to see was seen an hour ago and will be applied for in the next ten minutes. Don't hesitate when you find what you want.

  4. If a property manager calls you, be sure to answer or call them back right away.

  5. The apartment you want is available for you. You just have to respond fast. Be ready to sprint.

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