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Should I Remodel My Housz Before I Sell It?

In this sellers houszing market remodeling is not all that necessary. Decluttering, adding a few housz plants, trimming the trees, and getting rid of stuff sitting around costs nothing but some time on the weekend and will improve the feel of your housz when people come to look. When we sold our housz in early 2004 it was a sellers market... I didn't remodel at all, I just painted a few walls and rearranged some furniture to create a wow factor. When buyers walked into the housz they were met with colors and a fun, relaxing atmosphere. One lady flipped over the way I positioned the couches. I thought, "gosh, all I did was turn a few things around." We sold that housz on the first day for top dollar. I did the same thing in late 2008 in Texas. I just decluttered and polished the wood floors and trimmed a tree.. and we sold that housz on the first day, again for top dollar.

Use your creative imagination to project an atmosphere that will attract all generations of housz buyers. Something to attract families, something to attract singles. (A reading nook and a play area are two spaces that attract either generations).

And get out the paint. Paint a wall to highlight a room and make it look bigger or to carve out a space (like that play area or nook) in the housz that could be thought of by others as "another room," when there isn't any.

Contact me anytime if you need ideas. I love this stuff.

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