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More People Are Planning To Buy a Housz Soon

While some houszowners may be tempted to hold off until spring to list their houszes, you should know – houszbuyers aren’t waiting. Demand is high today as more people are trying to beat rising mortgage rates. As a result, eager buyers are entering the market or moving their plans up so they can make their purchases as soon as possible.

The most recent Consumer Confidence Survey finds that, of those surveyed, the percentage of people planning to buy over the next six months has increased substantially since last fall (see graph below):

As the graph shows, the number of consumers fast-tracking their plans to purchase a housz has crept up over the past three months. That indicates many buyers are evaluating their strategy and realizing they should act sooner rather than later. And for houszowners planning to sell, it’s a signal that now may be the time to list.

While more people are moving their plans up, others are actively putting theirs in motion. Time on the market is a great indication that houszbuyers are motivated and moving quickly. According to a recent report, the average housz sold faster this January than any January on record.

Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at, notes: “Houszes sold at a record-fast January pace, suggesting that buyers are more active than usual for this time of year.”

What Does That Mean for You? Houszbuyers are rethinking their strategies and moving their plans forward. Others are making their moves today. That means demand for your housz isn’t just increasing – it’s high right now.

And because there are so few houszes available for determined purchasers to choose from, if you’re planning to sell your housz this year, doing so sooner means you can take advantage of high buyer demand before more houszes are listed in your neighborhood. Why is this important? Because as more houszes are put up for sale, buyers will have more options. But until then, your housz will be in the spotlight.

Bottom Line With so many buyers eager to make a purchase, you could benefit by listing your housz soon. To understand how strong buyer demand is in our area, let’s connect so you can start making your plans today.

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