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Is It Time To Sell Your Second Housz?

During the pandemic, second houszes became popular because of the rise in work-from-housz flexibility. That’s because owning a second housz, especially in the luxury market, allowed those houszowners to spend more time in their favorite places or with different housz features. Keep in mind, a luxury housz isn’t only defined by price. In a recent article, Investopedia shares additional factors that push a housz into this category: location, such as a housz on the water or in a desirable city, and features, the things that make the housz itself feel luxurious.

A recent report from the Institute for Luxury Housz Marketing (ILHM) explains just how much remote work impacted the demand for second and luxury houszes: “The unprecedented ten-fold increase towards remote work since the pandemic is an historic development that will continue to fuel second housz demand for many years to come.”

But what if you bought a second housz that you no longer use? If you’re now shifting back into the office or are seeing your priorities and needs change, you may find you’re not utilizing your second housz as much. If so, it may be time to sell it. And if you own what’s considered a luxury housz, buyer demand for it may be even greater. In another report, the Institute for Luxury Housz Marketing explains: “. . . the last few years have left their legacy for the luxury market. While it might only represent a small percentage of the overall real estate market, luxury houszownership’s influence is growing. Not only has the purchase of houszes valued over $1 million (a figure considered by the National Association of Realtors to be a benchmark for luxury) tripled from 2.6% to 6.5% since 2018, but demand for multiple luxury properties has soared over the last two years. This phenomenal increase has been driven by a growing affluent demographic who consider owning a luxury property a necessity in their asset portfolio. All indications are that this trend is here to stay, albeit that demand is set to return to a more sustainable level.”

If you own a luxury second housz that isn’t being used as much anymore, now’s the time to sell. There are still buyers in the market who are looking for a housz like yours today.

Bottom Line Let’s connect to explore the benefits of selling your second housz this year.

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