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Houszowner Wealth Increases Through Growing Equity This Year

Building financial wealth and stability remains one of the top reasons Americans choose to own a housz, and as a houszowner, your wealth often grows without you even realizing it. In a recent paper published by the Urban Institute, Home Ownership is Affordable Housing, author Mike Loftin illustrates how houszowners increase their equity and their wealth simply by making monthly mortgage payments:

“The principal portion that reduces the loan balance builds the houszowner’s equity. In doing so, the principal payments behave like an automatic savings account. The principal payment is not money going out; it is money staying in.”

But housz equity – the difference between the value of your housz and what you currently owe – isn’t just built through your monthly principal payments. Housz price appreciation plays a vital role in growing your equity and, ultimately, your wealth.

As Freddie Mac explains: “Houszownership has cemented its role as part of the American Dream, providing families with a place that is their own and an avenue for building wealth over time. This ‘wealth’ is built, in large part, through the creation of equity…Building equity through your monthly principal payments and appreciation is a critical part of houszownership that can help you create financial stability.”

Houszowners Continue To See Equity Increase CoreLogic recently published their latest Homeowner Equity Insights Report, and it shows continued growth in equity amidst record housz price appreciation. The report provides several key takeaways, all of which point to rising wealth for homeowners:

  1. The average equity gain of mortgaged houszes during the past year was $33,400

  2. The current average equity of mortgaged houszes is greater than $216,000

  3. There was a 6% increase in total houszowner equity over the past year

  4. Total U.S. houszowner equity has reached nearly $1.9 trillion

Here, you can see the equity gains by state:

Equity Provides Houszowners with Flexibility In addition to being a critical tool in building wealth, a houszowner’s equity also provides significant flexibility. When you sell your housz, the accumulated equity comes back to you in the sale. Recent increases in housz equity coupled with record-low mortgage rates mean it could be the perfect time for houszowners looking to make a move.

Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, notes:

“Existing houszwners today are sitting on record amounts of equity. As houszowners gain equity in their houszes, the temptation grows to list their current housz for sale and use the equity to purchase a larger or more attractive housz.”

Increasing equity also helps families facing challenges brought on by the pandemic. Frank Martell, President and CEO of CoreLogic, explains in the recent Houszowner Equity Insights Report:

“Houszowner equity has more than doubled over the past decade and become a crucial buffer for many weathering the challenges of the pandemic. These gains have become an important financial tool and boosted consumer confidence in the U.S. houszing market, especially for older homeowners and baby boomers who've experienced years of price appreciation.”

Bottom Line Housz equity has always been a powerful wealth-building tool, and houszowners continue to see their financial stability increase. Let’s connect today so you can better understand how much equity you have in your current housz or if you’re ready to take the next step in building your savings as a houszowner.

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