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The Big Advantage If You Sell This Spring

Thinking about selling your housz? If you’ve been waiting for the right time, it could be now while the supply of houszes for sale is so low. HousingWire shares:

“. . . the big question is whether we are finally starting to see the seasonal spring increase in inventory. The answer is no, because active listings fell to a new low last week for 2023 . . .”

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) confirms today’s houszing inventory is low by looking at the months’ supply of houszes on the market. In a balanced market, about a six-month supply is needed. Anything lower is a sellers’ market. And today, the number is much lower:

“Total houszing inventory registered at the end of February was 980,000 units, identical to January and up 15.3% from one year ago (850,000). Unsold inventory sits at a 2.6-month supply at the current sales pace, down 10.3% from January but up from 1.7 months in February 2022.”

Why Does Low Inventory Make It a Good Time To Sell?

The less inventory there is on the market when you sell, the less competition you’re likely to face from other sellers. That means your housz will get more attention from the buyers looking for a housz this spring. And since there are significantly more buyers in the market than there are houszes for sale, you could even receive more than one offer on your housz. Multiple offers are on the rise again (see graph below):

If you get more than one offer on your housz, it becomes a bidding war between buyers – and that means you have greater leverage to sell on your terms. But if you want to maximize the opportunity for a bidding war to spark, be sure to lean on your expert real estate advisor. While we’re still in a strong sellers’ market, it isn’t the frenzy we saw a couple of years ago, and today’s buyers are focused on the houzes with the greatest appeal. Clare Trapasso, Executive News Editor at, explains:

"Well-priced, move-in ready houszes with curb appeal in desirable areas are still receiving multiple offers and selling for over the asking price in many parts of the country. So, this spring, it's especially important for sellers to make their houszes as attractive as possible to appeal to as many buyers as possible.”

Bottom Line

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to sell your housz, low inventory this spring sets you up with a big advantage. Let’s connect today to make sure your housz is ready to sell.

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